This is another look to go with my mood lately. Just feeling really low and down. Whatever Mood I go through it definitely shows through by what I wear. The title was inspired by a song by Leona Lewis “Broken”


You can’t fix me, I’m torn apart.
I wanna run away from love, this time I have had enough.
Everytime I feel your touch, I’m broken.
Shattered all the pieces of parts.
Never thought I’d fall so hard.
I’m putting back together my heart, it’s broken.
You can take these photographs and watch them fade away.

What I’m Wearing:

Eyes: XtremeVivid eyes-Blue/ Purple Reale

Makeup: Skin Deep: Dirty Tears (v2 Face Tattoo) Little Pricks

Skin: LAQ~Pearl Peach Glow Skin LAQ

Hair: Magika Hair// Anina Magika

Hat: [SISU] M44-Crusher Cap SISU

Wrist: SiniStyle Taped Fist SiniStyle Design

Gun: Free Shooting Range Guns (The SCI-FI Experience Amusement Park)

Shirt: DeeTaleZ Tops T Shirt “Finger” DeeTaleZ

Belt: Blitzed Legacy Belt-Black Blitzed

Shorts: Smarmy: The Duke and I Medium Dark Shorts Smarmy

Stockings: League Gartered Socks-Black League


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