Lonely Without You

This look is something I put together very fast and easy. The song I posted below has very strong lyrics that I just wanted to share. I love Adele! She seems to have a song for everyone no matter what you are going through.

Lyrics I love from the song-When will I see you again
You left with no goodbye
Not a single a word was said
No final kiss to seal any sins
I had no idea in the state we were in

When was the last time
You thought of me
Oh have you completely erased me from your memory
I often think about where I went wrong
The more I do the less I know

What I’m Wearing:

Skin: LAQ~Pearl Peach Glow Skin- LAQ

Eyes: Reale Eyes XtremeVivid eyes-blue/purple- Reale

Piercings: V-Anti You Piercing (Creator Kaz Pexie)

Makeup: Skin Deep: Dirty Tears (v2 face tattoo)- Little Pricks

Hair: Fri.-Deena-Blacks- Fri.day

Tattoo: KHUSH-Tatt-Memories- KHUSH

Shirt: Fri.-Longsleeve Scoop. Tee (Red) –Fri.day

Jeans: Linc Low Rise Jeans White- Luck Inc


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