When Words Fail Music Speaks

      **She’s Addicted To The Song Lyrics That Spill Her Heart Out For Her**

What I’m Wearing:

Eyes:Reale Eyes XtremeVivid Eyes(Blue/Purple)::Reale

Makeup:Skin Deep Dirty Tears(v2 Face Tattoo):: Skin Deep

Skin: LAQ~Pearl[Peach] Glow Skin:: LAQ

Hair: Ploom Blondes 1-Seffy II:: Ploom

Tattoos:Music Is Life Tattoo (Creator::Seito Setsuko) & Hope Tattoo::Slinks

Ears: Gauged Human Stretched Ears[Rainbow]:: Gauged

Ipod: [EY:NO] MPS Player (Black):: [EY:NO]

Shirt: Lil’Lace Black Tank:: Lil’Lace

Skirt: HH Hucci Deco Pokcet Denim Shorts & Skirt-DWBlack Rain:: HH


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