I <33 This Time Of Year!


I went to [EY:NO] today and they have new stuff! I went a little crazy there and want to go back! You must check it out!


Hair::Fri.-Tatum.2-Blonds:: Fri.day

Lashes::Swedish Style-Prim Lashes:: Swedish Style

Ears::Gauged:: Human Stretched Ears[Rainbow]:: Gauged

Piercings::[EY:NO] Color Piercing:: [EY:NO]

Shirt::[EY:NO] Sweet Spring Top (White):: [EY:NO]

Rings::[EY:NO] Butterflies on ME ❤ Purple:: [EY:NO]

Shorts::[Sassy Kitty Designs]Cutoff Shorts Low Rise Blue::Sassy Kitty Designs

Tattoo::[EY:NO] If you want me..pay me Tattoo:: [EY:NO]

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