Culture Shock 2011

Wow. Just wow. Just got back from Culture Shock 2011. I decided to stop there before heading to bed tonight. And I just have to say I’m broke now! And I only went through half of it!


You MUST get there asap! It runs from May 1st – May 22nd! Sooooo much great stuff really. And the really totally awesome part?? The designers  have a mandatory minimum of 3 new and exclusive items each – contributing 50 – 100% of their profit to charity! IKR. Totally awesome. I mean cmon, who doesn’t love shopping. Plus, on the second and third weeks, they are going to have music sets and everything. What more can you ask for.

You can join the group in-world with this —– secondlife:///app/group/5cc9e6b7-1a3b-4d9e-d43b-df50d09d0775/about

And here is the link to Culture Shock 2011 website! Which really is a must read. Has examples of what all these donations are going to help, as well as a huge list of who’s going to be there and a friggin map!

I’ll definetly post pictures tomorrow of just a few of the awesome things I bought! Now quit reading and get going to Culture Shock 2011!

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