Hair Fair :Q___

Hair Fair 2011

The wonderful Hair Fair is coming up, in like 2 days!! OMG! I know right. I’m so freakin excited. I loveeee hairs. I buy way too many but I don’t care 😀 A hair can make or break an outfit. It can change one look into a whole new look. Hair in Second Life is amazing. And that is way I love the Hair Fair!

The hair fair goes from July 2nd- July 15th, which is Bandana Day! I’ll explain that in a minute 😛 But this year ALL hairstyles released at Hair Fair will be donation hairstyles. That means all the money made, 100% of it is going to be donated. Which is pretty awesome if you ask me. I thank you designers for doing this to help Wigs for Kids!

Ohh also, Exile and DCNY made a low lag outfit including hairbases for this year for guys and girls. The outfit is free so be sure to grab one from the many signboards set up around the fairs sims. These low lag outfits really do help lower the lag at huge events like this, and we all love low lag \o/

Now, the last day of the Hair Fair is called Bandana Day! This is the day where you ‘remove your hair, to show you care.’ At the Hair Fair, there will be bandanas sold for only 50L that you should wear for the whole day, to show support and caring for children who have cancer, etc and have to wear bananas every single day. It’s for a great cause so it’s a must 😀


Lastly, make sure you join the Hair Fair Demo Group in-world before tomorrow because they’ll be sending out demos in the group tomorrow. It’s free to join, and a really great idea. You can try on demos on your own time, get opinions, and lower the lag at the Hair Fair. In-world group invite is below!


See you around the Hair Fair! I’ll update it ASAP when they give out the slurl to the Hair Fair!


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