Ever thought about blogging? o_o

Hello my loyal followers! I was sitting around, doing nothing tonight when an idea popped in my head. I love blogging. I love having my best friend blogging with me. I love everything about it. But it’d be nice to see different styles and ways of blogging on our blog. So I’m opening a spot for another blogger or guest blogger. Not sure yet which way I’m leaning more towards but either way is going to be amazing.

So here are the details:

  • Send me – Cherry Appletor – a notecard in-world , named FB Blogger (Your Name) with the follow information
  1. Full SL Name
  2. A sample of a blog post photo (full perm) showing the style(s) you’d bring to Fashion Bishes. Please send at least one, but any more after that is awesome too 😀
  3. Types of fashion you are into
  4. New to blogging or have blogged before?
  5. Why do you want to blog with us? What can you add to our blog?
  6. Any other useful information!

Please make sure it is a NC, not an IM as my IM’s cap a lot and I don’t wanna lose a chance at seeing yours! I look forward to hearing from everyone! Don’t be shy. It’d be amazing to work with you guys!


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