There’s an animal in trouble!

Okay, so my title has nothing to do with my post today, except that it’s an inside joke >.>  TUNNAGE :O Anyways! Kaddy and I have had these dolls for awhile now but never blogged about them. So it’s now 4am and we decided to! \o/ They are so freakin cute. And a must have! I’d get every single one if I could! ANDDDD I’m wearing the newest outfit from Lola Creations! Take a looksie.


Doll Avatar: *Bloom Doll* (avatar) / Boo Bloom

Outfit: .:LoLa:. tartan rockchick       NEW!!

Hair: [e] Falling

Tattoo: A Girl And A Needle – Te Amo Tattoo



Doll Avatar: *Bloom Doll* (avatar) / Strawberry Bloom

Hair: Illusory: Ayumi (streaked) Honey

Shoes: N-Core: (Illusion XtreemeHeel) Galaxy


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