No Scrubs

Hello Loves :D,

I have been away on vacation for a week and seems like being away this long a lot of things have changed :O.. But I am back! With more fun posts..Cherry, Kasey and now our newest member of the blog Kat have had all the fun posting! Now I am back 😀 Hope everyone has a wonderful week!


Eyes:: REPULSE: Zombie Eyes

Makeup:: .vel.: Unzipped GSP

Gauges:: Le LOlo: Plug my face

Ears:: GAUGED: Elven Stretched Ears (Plug Art Tunnels


Hair:: Truth: Lacey Light Blondes

Tattoo::[Your]Face.: Fuck Love

Bikini Top::Sticky Fingers: My black leather bikini

Piercings:: HoD.: Trust Piercing

Belt:: AVZ : Saddlebags

Leggings::Munique: Hole Leggins Black

Boots:: AVZ: Wrapped Boots


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