1L Poses @ LMB!!

Yup, you heard my right! Love Me Brutals outlet store is closing in-world tomorrow and alllll her poses in the outlet store are only 1L! I got this notecard in-world today about it:

soooo in case y’all haven’t heard i have an outlet site for all my old stuff. well i need prim on mah sim to make room for more stores yay! unfortunately that means the outlet in world is closing. don’t shed a tear all those poses will still be available on the marketplace BUT! who knows how long it will take me to get them all uploaded (only less then half are up right now) i am pretty slow (as in lazy) so don’t hold your breath for all that to happen any time soon (no seriously, don’t. i do not want to be responsible for your death – kaythx). what all this means is use the LM at the top of the card and come grab as many 1L poses as you can  before they disappear tomorrow. there are 60+ 1L poses to choose from & i am really not kidding, they’ll be gone (in world) tomorrow forever!
Tat D.

I just left there, and I have so many new poses! You better go now! Last chance as it closes tomorrow!


Love Me Brutal Outlet Store


One thought on “1L Poses @ LMB!!

  1. I got ALL of these and finally went through them all yesterday. My favorite is Snow White! I have GOT to do a picture with that pose! Maybe the next blog? LOL

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