Another Grenade Free Wednesday

Grenade Free Wednesday is a weekly event that occurs every Wednesday only on the Jersey Shore a group of designers set an item out in front of their store for less then 100Ls, it will remain there from Wednesday 12:00am slt till 11:59pmslt. Theres also live entertainment in the middle area from 2pm to 10pm brought to you by the NASA club, make sure to check that out!


Here are some of the few Items I was able to grab for this weeks Grenade Free Wednesday. Take a look below! Don’t forget to stop at all the other places!!

1. Tenjin: Lucky King Tattoo

2. Tenjin : Mother May I

3. Mangikisu: ;Mmk: J I V E

4. [Riddle]: Lace Dress Green

5.[Riddle]: Lace Dress Purple

6. [TRS]: Neck Quote #7 Tattoo

7. Loordes of London: Storaxtree: My private Room

8. Loordes of London: Pure Contagion Camel

9. Shup Bish (Inside the Pineapple is 5 fabulous gestures!)

Jersey Shore


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