A Taste of some Items from [trs]

I recently ran it to the owner of [trs] when I was at the Grenade free Wednesday. I have to tell you right now Her items are great. There cute and affordable and who doesn’t like that. In this post I’ll be showing you Three of the items that She has at her store Including one that is a VIP Group Gift.

We have:
[trs] V.I.P’s Group Gift – Emergency Necklace (Pre-release)
I have to say I’ve been to alot of stores in SL and this is something I have never seen before. It’s Unique. With that being said It has a Cigarette and Match in A tiny glass container.

[trs] Taylah Pumps V.1 – Blue (New)
I have To say I Don’t shop for a lot of shoes Since I can never find any I personally like. But these shoes are cute. I love the color Blue and I like how she added some gray on the inside. Those colors together look really great.

[trs] Swallows & Stars Tattoo (New)
I’m A big fan of anything with stars!! But i have to say this Tattoo Is unique in that it not only has a Front tattoo it also has tattoos on the back of the legs and Some stars on your feet. Hence Why there is two pictures.

So go and check out the store there’s alot of other amazing items

TRS Mainstore

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