New Clothes at [trs]

Today I have some brand new items to show you that are now available at [trs]. Along with the new items the owners of the store have totally redesigned the store. Which I have to say is pretty awsome looking. When you walk in the new items are on your right and left sides so not that hard to find.

1. [trs] Chest Quote #13 Tattoo: 

I really Like this tattoo. It says Live.Fast Die.Pretty. Which I must say kinda goes with the whole Outfit. The font used to make the tattoo is very cute.

2. [trs] Lifted Tube Top :

I’ve shopped around Secondlife for a long time now and I have to say that I’ve never seen anything quiet like these tube tops. There gorgeous and unique. Included with the is an alpha layer that makes the part where your wearing the shirt disappear. Along with that the pasties are included don’t wanna give everyone a free show.  This tube top comes in 8 amazing colors. This is definitely one tube top your gonna want.

3. [trs] Mini Skirt:

I’m not too fond of a lot of the skirts out there in Secondlife mostly because the never wanna look right on me. But with this mini Skirt I have to say it fits perfectly and looks amazing. You can Wear it with just about any type of shirt but I love the way it shows off the curves. The mini skirt also comes in the same Colors as the Lifted Tube Top so you can mix and match.

4. [trs] So Hard Tank:

This tank top is really funny. You can take it as  naughty or about music. The tank reads “I’ll Rock You So Hard You Might Not Make It Through The Night”. I personally think it’s the first one but that’s just me lol.


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