She Looks Like Sex

So me and one of my besties, Mandi, were talking and we decided to go shopping at Perfect Wardrobe and blog together! She blogs on SwagStyle so make sure you check out her awesome blog posts!

Ohh and funny story. I was at my house, Mandi telling me she needed to change and then she’d come over for the picture. I TP her over and I started hystariclly laughing. We were both wearing the same exact thing. Not just the same top or something. But same outfit, hair, tattoos. I really couldn’t breathe for a good 5 minutes because I was laughing so hard. She finally changed but yeah, too funny.

Anyways! Here’s the goodies!

Cherry’s Credits

Dress: *Tentacio* My happy cloud    @PFW

Tattoo: S (and) P – Life is Like a Rainbow Tattoo  @PFW

Shoes: <TheAbyss> F_Boots//Stompers [Black]

Hair: >TRUTH< Tammy – Browns

Mandi’s Credits

Dress: *Tentacio* Rainbow in the air   @PFW

Shoes: ::Kookie :: Armarda Long / Noir

Hair: >TRUTH< Tammy –  blondes

Nails: {lyric} OMFG Nails – Rainbow  @PFW

Piercing: [ni.Ju] Kumi @ PFW

Tattoo: S (and) P – Life is Like a Rainbow Tattoo @ PFW


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