A Griswold Christmas!

One of my all-time favorite Christmas movies is National Lampoons’ Christmas Vacation. So old school! And I LOVE it. Over the Christmas season, I can watch it over and over. And the I found that Sixx Yangtz sells a shirt with Griswold christmas and I knew I just had to have it. You can check out his stuff on marketplace and his blog along with his wife, ::RyXX::!

And it’s free at his in-world store til Christmas!!

Shopping Cart

Shirt: 6T – Griswald Christmas
Pants: Admiral Spicy!Low Very Dark Blue Jeans
Belt: ~Pepper~ Embrace Belt   GROUP GIFT
Shoes: [sugar buzz] Just like a light bulb ugs
Antlers:[Viita] Reindeer Antler
Hair: .ploom. Natie – Browns 2
Pose: -.label motion.- @ Perfect Wardrobe

Hate Sleeping Alone

I love love love [ JP ]:design. The pants are my ultimate favorite and I love every new release that comes out. And the newest releases are amazing again! On both the pants and shirt, there are so many options. You can change colors, add and remove accessories, all kinds of stuff that make them even better. Take a look below and make sure to visit [ JP ]:dsg!

Style Card

Shirt: [ JP ]:dsg. Navajo-Hoodie/Black-Print 06/FEMALE

Pants: [ JP ]:dsg. Struggle Pants / Gauze Beige / FEMALE

Shoes: 2Real – Pure 1.3

Hair: ~Pepper~ Bobble Cap Hair – PLAIN